Coulter Swimming is able to accept First Lap Vouchers to be used for swimming lessons according to the conditions below. Please read these carefully as once the voucher is submitted and activated it is not refundable.

  1. Vouchers must be submitted before the 20th day of the current month to be used for the following month/s fees. Vouchers cannot be used for the current month’s fees.
  2. All current month fees must be paid before the voucher can be accepted (i.e the voucher cannot be used to pay for lessons already swum).
  3. The $50 will be credited to your account to be used for the child whose name is recorded on the voucher. You will be required to pay any outstanding fees at reception or via direct debit.
  4. Any vouchers that are invalid will be returned and fees will need to be paid as per our usual payment methods.
  5. Once activated the voucher is not refundable.

For any information about obtaining your First Lap Voucher, please contact Service NSW.

Current First Lap Vouchers will expire at the end of June 2024, and must be received by Coulter Swimming by Thursday 20th June in order to be processed. We will be unable to process any vouchers received after this time.