At Coulter Swimming, each level of our Parent & Baby and Learn to Swim programs work towards to achieving eight skills. Our Pool Deck Supervisors (PDS) conduct ongoing assessment of these skills. They may not assess every skill every week, but they aim to watch each child swim at some stage during their weekly lesson.
If you have a question regarding your child’s progress, the best staff member to provide feedback is the PDS on the day of your permanent class. While all our PDS are able to assess, the staff member who sees your child regularly has the most knowledge about your child’s ongoing progress.

How long should my child be in a level for?
This is a question we are often asked by parents. Every child is different and all children learn each skill at a different pace, therefore it it impossible to give an exact answer. Each child needs to learn at their own pace and if we apply too much pressure, your child won’t enjoy the experience. We will do everything within our power to help them progress as quickly as possible.

Consistent attendance at your scheduled weekly class is the best way to maximise progress, as frequent day changes or even a short break can cause regression. Progress is not always continuous. Peaks and troughs along the way are perfectly natural parts of learning. There may be times where no apparent progress can be seen. This apparent lack of progress does not mean learning has stopped or that the child is truly going backwards.
When learning new skills, neural pathways between muscles, joints and the brain need to be laid down, strengthened and remembered. This all takes a lot of regular practice.
When you see a period of rapid progress, know that this will be followed by a period of consolidation where you may not see any measurable improvement. When the going gets tough, it is far better to support and encourage your child through the hiccups, or lack of apparent progress, rather than remove them from the water.

When your child has attained the required skills of their swimming level, they will be provided with a certificate for that level. They will then be promoted to the next level.