If you are going to be away during the School Holidays and will miss some swimming lessons, here are the two options you can choose from:

1. Keep your current booking and do make up lessons

  • You still need to pay for every lesson. The payment must be made before the end of the month; otherwise a late fee surcharge will be applied.
  • You can do a make up lesson for every lesson that you are going to miss, providing the make up policy has been followed (make ups lessons are only valid for 60 days from the date you have missed). You can find our make up policy here.
  • You must notify reception in advance with the dates of the lessons you will miss.
  • The make ups for missed lessons can be taken before you are away (subject to availability).

For more information regarding extended absence from swimming lessons, click here.

2. Cancel your permanent booking

  • All outstanding fees must be paid before cancelling your booking.
  • When you would like to rebook your lesson we cannot guarantee the same time will be available for you.
  • Any outstanding make up lessons must be completed before you cancel your permanent booking – make up lessons are no longer valid once your booking is cancelled.

Please ensure you contact reception regarding any changes to your booking. If your child misses two (2) consecutive lessons without notice to Coulter Swimming and fees are not paid up to date, your booking will be cancelled.