New Enrolment Enquiry
Thanks for choosing Coulter Swimming – we can’t wait to welcome you!

Please complete the form so we can arrange a free swimming assessment for your child(ren). Following the short assessment, our staff will determine the most appropriate level in our program for your child(ren). Depending on the age/ability of your child(ren), an assessment may not be required.

Why Choose Coulter Swimming?
We believe that learning to swim is a life-saving skill that should be taught to children in a fun and stimulating environment. We are committed to providing lessons for all ages and abilities so that swimming can be a safe and enjoyable activity.

We are a family-based business that has over 40 years of experience, located in the Hills District of Sydney. Over this time, we have developed a program that teaches children the necessary skills for water survival, water fun and competitive swimming.

We are committed to providing a positive and memorable swimming experience for you and your children. We look forward to welcoming you at Coulter Swimming.