Learn to Swim

At Coulter Swimming we aim to provide a unique learn to swim experience. Our use of floatation over many years has resulted in a program that allows all non-swimmers to enjoy lessons with continual mobility in the water, at the same time learning confidence and water skills. As students progress, they will learn the fundamental skills required for Freestyle and Backstroke.





Children move independently in the water with and without floatation using arms and a natural kick. They learn to submerge their face, blow bubbles and floatation is reduced as they become more competent.

Sea Monkey
The emphasis is on a horizontal position using front and back push and glides. Freestyle and Backstroke kick is developed and they are introduced to rotation of the arms.

Rotation of the arms is further developed to also incorporate side breathing for Freestyle. Beginner Backstroke is introduced.

Development of bilateral breathing in Freestyle. Introduction to dolphin kick and the rotation of body position in Backstroke.