Holiday Clinics FAQ

Why should I book my child into Holiday Clinics?

Holiday clinics are a great opportunity for faster skill progression and improvement as your child has the chance to practice every day. Building strong swimming skills takes time but repetitive practice with good technique is key for your child’s progress.

How many days do I need to book my child into classes?

Holiday clinics are available Monday to Friday. There isn’t a minimum number of days that you have to book. If you are unsure on what would be best for your child please speak to your Pool Deck Supervisor.

How do I book my child into Holiday Clinics?

You can contact us here. Alternatively you can speak to one of our receptionists when you are next in the centre.

Payment for Holidays Clinics

A deposit must be made at the time of booking. Outstanding payments for Holiday Clinics are due on the first day that your child is booked in to swim.

When are Holiday Clinics held at Coulter Swimming?

One or two weeks of Holiday Clinics are held at both centres during all school holidays.

What levels are available in the Holiday Clinics program?

Classes are available for Learn to Swim levels Tadpole to Goldfish. Stroke and skill development classes are available for Marlin, Dolphin and Bronze. Race Preparation classes are available to help students prepare for upcoming school carnivals.

Do you offer private lessons in the Holiday Clinics program?

Yes, we do! 20 minute private lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities.