How do I book my child in to start lessons?

If you would like to book your child in for lessons at Coulter Swimming, please visit the contact us page. Alternatively, you can call one of our centres.

What should I expect for my first lesson?

On your first day, try to arrive at least 15 minutes early. This will allow your child to be relaxed before their lesson, and familiarise themselves with our centre. Upon arrival, please visit reception and they can show you where your class will be. When the class before you has finished, your child will be able to enter the pool.

How can I change my current lesson time?

You can change your current lesson time by speaking to reception either by phone or email. See the contact us page for more details.

What equipment does my child need?

• All children under the age of three require a happy nappy (these can be purchased at reception)
• Tadpole and higher – goggles
• Dolphin – fins
• Bronze – fins and kickboard
• Silver – fins, kickboard and pull buoy
• Gold/Platinum – fins, kickboard, pull buoy and hand paddles

Do you use floats?

At Coulter Swimming, we use floats to allow your children to gain water confidence and be actively involved throughout the whole lesson. Our use of flotation over many years has resulted in a program that all non-swimmers can enjoy.

Should I continue swimming during winter?

Absolutely! We find that students who continue swimming through winter are more likely to progress to higher levels at a faster rate. Students who have a break during winter often regress and need to relearn some of the skills they have been taught.

Do lessons continue during the school holidays?

Lessons continue as normal during all school holidays, except over the Christmas period – Coulter Swimming will be closed for 2-3 weeks every December/January. If you are unable to attend your lesson during the holidays, please notify reception before your lesson to be eligible for your make up.

What happens when my there is a public holiday on my regular lesson day?

Our centres are closed on public holidays, so there will be no lessons. You are not charged for public holidays and do not need to do any make ups for that day.

Who do I talk to about my child’s progress?

The pool deck supervisor is always available to talk to you about your child’s progress. If you’re unsure who this is, see reception and they can help you.

How long should my child be in a level for?

Every child is different, and all children learn each skill at a different pace. If you would like more information about your child’s progress, please speak to the pool deck supervisor at your next lesson.